Project Review Approach

Sheehy Consulting has developed a project review list for evaluating the completion and coordination of construction contract documents. The list is continuously evolving and growing in specificity and detail. It is edited and tailored to the particulars of each project and is submitted as part of a proposed scope of work for the client’s review, revision, and approval. From that point on the approved review list serves as the basis for a rigorous examination of a set of construction drawings and specifications.

The approach to the constructability review process utilized by Sheehy Consulting is based on factual accounting. The goal of the review process is to report on the information contained in a set of construction documents. The reviews do not endeavor to make value judgments about the design of a particular project. Instead, they simply attempt to identify conflicts and potential problems which inevitably occur in a two dimensional graphic depiction of the three dimensional world of construction. This information is communicated to the client by means of a red-marked set of drawings and specifications. A written report restating the comments and organized by drawing sheet number and specification section accompanies the red-marked set. The written report can also be used as a tool for tracking back-checking of noted conflicts and discrepancies