Work Product Examples

The review process methodology outlined in “Project Review Approach” invariably reveals discrepancies reflected in the following sample review comments:


Notes on Civil paving plan describing paving and sub-base thicknesses do not match thicknesses listed in specification section 02505, Bituminous Surfacing.


Diagonal brace provided by Structural blocks operation of inward opening bin window.


Stated length of column B-4 in column schedule does not reflect substantially lowered footing adjacent to elevator pit.


Mechanical roof plan shows equipment straddling roof ridge. Repositioning risers and equipment to east side of roof ridge per Architectural and Structural will increase duct quantities currently depicted on HVAC plan, and impact coordination with other above ceiling items.


Placement of sub-surface oil interceptor conflicts with bearing splays at adjacent Structural footings.


No power shown for VAV boxes per requirements stated by Mechanical in note 9, sheet M0.3 and control diagrams 1 and 2, sheet M6.4.


Laundry Equipment drawings indicate a 6 inch dryer vent. Mechanical shows a 4 inch dryer vent which will restrict air flow and prevent drying.


Section 09900, Painting, does not include steel ladders and ornamental metal in the exterior and interior painted metal schedules.